I build mindsets, people and products, software designer (Sketch & Invision Studio), behavioural economist, start-up mentor (Virgin Startup) and chartered accountant (ACCA)

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A Brief History

I have over 9 years experience building world class products and teams. I built QuickBooks in the U.K helping Intuit grow from 300 subscribers to over 150,000 when I left. I also helped build QuickBooks France and also launched QuickBooks Self-Employed in the U.K (the fastest growing product in Intuit's history).

I worked at Deloitte where I built a technology focused mindset, products and a team in the in order to change the way Deloitte operates and builds solutions for their clients. I built and sold products for the worlds largest companies ranging from supply chain optimisation software to blockchain based KYC apps for banks.

Iā€™m now leading a team of world class product managers and designers at Santander and am building a Payment Innovation team to help improve the financial lives of people.

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